Aircraft Lifecycle Management and Sustainment

As aircraft for the military continue to age and operate beyond their design service lives, each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces face substantial challenges in mitigating and controlling overall operations and maintenance costs. Corrosion, structural integrity, weapon system sustainment, and depot repairs are all absorbing larger portions of a defense program’s sustainment budget. This ultimately takes away allocations towards necessary modernization efforts, such as continued R&D as well as new procurements. The U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force are ultimately faced with the reality of decreased aviation readiness due to shortages of available equipment and assets.

These challenges need to be addressed to ensure operational efficiency and improve overall sustainment processes. Join us at IDGA’s inaugural Aircraft Life Cycle Management Summit on September 27-29 in Washington DC as we determine the necessary measures to support our forces in key missions requiring aerial operations/support.

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Who Attends?

Chiefs / General Manager / Director / Head of:

  •  Aircraft / Fleet Maintenance
  •  Sustainment
  •  Weapon Systems Sustainment
  •  Airframes
  •  Aircraft Support
  •  Logistics / Logistics Procurement
  •  Depth Support
  •  Flight Training
  •  Propulsion Systems
  •  Material Systems
  •  Systems Management
  •  Engine Troubleshooting

From the following organisations:

  •  12th Flying Training Wing
  •  Beechcraft Defense Company, LLC
  •  CAE
  •  Canadian Armed Forces
  •  Doss Aviation
  •  Esterline, CMC Electronics
  •  Lockheed Martin
  •  Raytheon
  •  SimiGon, Inc.
  •  Sonalysts, Inc.
  •  U.S. Coast Guard
  •  U.S. Air Force
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